Ooper täis kirge – New Year’s Eve concert

28.12.2023 | 19:00

Tallinna Raekoda, Tallinn, Estonia

Two-part New Year’s Eve concert

Elina Nechayeva – coloratura soprano
Ksenia Rossar – soprano
Eda Zahharova – mezzo-soprano
Andri Bogach – tenor
Stas Šeljahhovski – bariton
Prof. Helin Kapten – pianist
Lilian Jõesaar – pianist

At the lively and glamorous two-part vocal music concert, popular arias, opera duets, and well-known Italian songs will be performed. The captivating melodies of renowned composers such as Donizetti, Verdi, Puccini, and others come to life through the powerful and emotional voices of the performers.

The concert is divided into two enchanting parts. The first part focuses on opera music, presenting famous and beautiful arias and duets. In the second part, you can discover well-known romances, chamber music pieces, operetta tunes, and songs that have left their mark on the world of classical music.

This diverse repertoire highlights the versatility of the performers, offering a harmonious blend of classical and contemporary music.

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My Fair Lady

21.12.2023 – 06.04.2024 | 19:00

Vene Teater, Tallinn, Estonia

A musical play in two acts

Eliza Doolittle – Elina Nechayeva

With subtitles in Estonian

Music – Frederick Loewe

“My Fair Lady” is one of the most famous musicals in the world. Wonderful music, incredibly beautiful choreography, witty dialogues and a captivating plot together form an enjoyable and unforgettable stage story, with elegant and captivating main characters that the audience wants to meet again and again.

Based on Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion, the authors of the musical Alan Jay Lerner (author of the libretto) and composer Frederick Loewe tell the audience very funny, tender and sensitive story about love, gambling and the English language.

The meeting of the young flower girl Eliza Doolittle with the professor of phonetics Henry Higgins and the linguist and special soldier Colonel Pickering leads to an unexpected experiment: Professor Higgins promises to prove to his friend the colonel that a poor flower girl from the lower class of London can be trained in half a year to become a grand lady equal to the duchess. To do this, it is necessary to teach the Cockney speaking flower girl to speak high-class English. The professor promises to complete this task in half a year. He proposes to the colonel to make a bet that in half a year Eliza Doolittle will have become a young lady, listening to whom no one can believe that she is an uneducated flower girl from the common people. The colonel agrees to the bet and even agrees to pay the flower girl’s training costs. Eliza, for her part, is fully willing to take speech lessons because she dreams of working in a flower shop. None of the three can imagine how many surprises, sufferings and regrets this strange bet will bring.

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Promoter: Vene Teater SA

Öökuninganna - Elina Nechayeva

Mozart – The Magic Flute

15.02.2024 | 19:00
18.02.2024 | 17:00

Estonian National Opera, Tallinn, Estonia

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Queen of the Night – Elina Nechayeva

In German, with Estonian and English subtitles

A masterpiece in which fantastic fairy tale elements, mischievous acting, moving ideas of humanity and enlightenment and the composer’s beautiful melodies merge into a beautiful allegory.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s last opera, The Magic Flute, premiered in Vienna in 1791 and follows the best principles of the Viennese Magic Theater. Yet this opera is not easy to untangle: is it an opera depicting the rites of a secret society? Or is it just a play to excite the senses? In any case, it is a masterpiece, in which fantastic fairy tale elements, mischievous acting, moving ideas about humanity and enlightenment and the composer’s beautiful melodies merge into a beautiful allegory.

In “The Magic Flute” two opposing forces meet: on one side stands the kingdom of darkness of the evil and evil Queen of the Night, on the other side of the kingdom of light of the good and wise Sarastro. The cunning Queen of the Night sends Prince Tamino to free his daughter Pamina from the Kingdom of Light. Along the way, the prince realizes that things are not always as they seem – with the magic flute and his faithful companion Papageno, they search for truth, love and enlightenment. Tamino becomes self-enlightened in Sarastro’s country and the dark country is forced to retreat. The simple-minded, but kind-hearted Papageno fails in all his attempts to become worthy of the kingdom of light, yet he too finds his happiness in a loving companion in Papagena.

The masterpiece oozes goodness, the seemingly simple music hides deep wisdom and some of Mozart’s most beautiful melodies tie the opera into an elegant allegory, in which noble princes, evil queens and wizardry are just one part of a magnificent world.

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Promoter: Estonian National Opera